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Etobicoke TMJ

Suffering from jaw pain? Dr. Maria Ana Marcelo can help

TMJ/Facial pain

Have you been suffering from headaches, facial aches or jaw pain? Dr. Maria Ana Marcelo and her dental team may be able to diagnose you.

Temporomandibular join disorder is more commonly called “TMJ syndrome.” It occurs when the joint that connects your jawbone and skull is inflamed. This usually causes severe jaw pain.

Dr. Maria Ana Marcelo provides TMJ diagnosis at our family dental practice. It’s important to understand the symptoms of TMJ syndrome, and seek the help of a dental professional if you suspect you may have jaw issues.

Common symptoms of TMJ syndrome:

  • Difficulty biting and/or chewing
  • A clicking or popping sound when you try to open your mouth
  • Aching pain in your jaw, face or ears
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck or shoulder pain

TMJ pain can affect people in different ways, and there are many causes.

Common causes of TMJ pain:

  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Teeth that do not line up properly
  • Excessive gum chewing
  • Biting your nails too much
  • A joint disease, like osteoarthritis
  • Lack of an overbite

There are many ways to help end the pain and issues that arise from TMJ syndrome. If your teeth are not lined up properly, you may need dental work to restore proper occlusion. You could also be fitted with a special guard that will keep your teeth from being damaged and keep you from clenching your jaw while you sleep.

Contact Dr. Maria Ana Marcelo to learn more about TMJ treatment.